Energy Efficient Siding


New siding enhances your home’s curb appeal and property value, but Di Paterio Contracting doesn’t stop there. We also help you find ways to save on your utility costs.

The Benefits of Vinyl

Vinyl, the most popular siding material, has dual layers that block air leakage in and out of the home.

Today’s advanced vinyl siding prevents colder temperatures from penetrating your home’s exterior. Light-colored vinyl is especially effective in cooling heat from the sun’s direct rays to keep your interior space cool and comfortable.

Older siding that is worn from age can cost you money on higher energy costs by increasing the loss of heat and cool air through gaps, cracks, and crevices that open the way for moisture and drafts.


Di Paterio Contracting recommends Insulated Siding

To make your home’s exterior as energy-efficient as possible, 

Siding with built-in insulation works as a blanket for your home. You’ll notice the difference when your home keeps in cooler air more when it is hot out and circulates warm air better during colder temperatures.